libason 0.1

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I spoke quite a bit about ASON itself, what it is, how it might be useful, and its birth implementation, in the last release, so I'd check that out first.

I've waited much longer for a new release than I would have, but the result is a much more stable product. I'm calling the API stable-ish, and the soname will increase from here on out.

The API itself has been rearranged quite a bit. I'm not sure who checked out the last release, but everything has been condensed, and it feels much tighter than before.

More importantly, the algorithm for reducing and matching is now much, much more complete. We have heavy test coverage, and until someone points out a surprise to me, I can say pretty confidently that we can correctly handle anything ASON can express.

For the nerds, the spec has a new draft. It also has a version stamp now, so we can make drafts without creating confusion.

Most of the persistence/"database-y" code has been removed from this release. I hated all that stuff the moment I wrote it, but when it comes time to work on it again, I'll probably revert the removal and go straight from there.

With everything stable here, I intend to turn my full attention toward building a python bridge. I know that's probably where most of the early users are going to be, so it'll be top priority.

Go grab the release on github and file your bugs!

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